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Our Services 

Open Credit Lines Available Now Quicker and Easier!

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes we need extra money to pay for unexpected situation. In PRÉSTAMOS RÁPIDITO, we help you to solve your needs by offering lines of credit. Now it is easier and faster to apply. We have more than one solution available when you need it most.

Types of Open Line of Credit

You can get money when you need it most with a PRÉSTAMOS RÁPIDITO Line of Credit. The amounts of our credit lines vary from $ 500 to $ 3,000 for first-time customers. We have one of the lowest interest rates in the market and payments are made monthly for a period of validity that may vary according to your need. In PRÉSTAMOS RÁPIDITO we offer you the help when you need it the most.

How to apply?

Applying for a Line of Credit at PRÉSTAMOS RÁPIDITO is easy. To apply for a Line of credit, you just have to submit:

  • Your last year’s tax return.
  • Three pay stubs from your place of work or two bank statements of your personal account from the last months.
  • Copy of the lease agreement where you live or two invoices that are under your name and that show your current address.
  • Current identification (driver’s license or passport).
  • Social Security Number or TAX-ID.
  • Information of your place of work.
  • Check account number and route number to which you would like the direct transfer of money to be made once it is approved.
  • Two personal references with your full name and phone number.
  • Cancel application cost in cash or debit card.
PRÉSTAMOS RÁPIDITO is regulated by the code of Virginia, Title 6.2 – Institutions and Financial Services, Subtitle I. General Provisions, Chapter 3 – Interest and Usury, Article 4 – Loans with the exception of the interest rate limit under contract § 6.2-322 – Credit plans of indefinite duration.
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