About Us


About us

At PRÉSTAMOS RÁPIDITO we are committed to providing a quality product with the objective of improving the quality of life of those to whom we provide our service through equity, integrity and good business relations. We strive to make the application process easy and user friendly, adhering to solid business practices.

Aware of the needs of the community in general, our staff, together with the director, have a long-term knowledge of the demographic trends in this market and seek to capitalize by offering a very simple credit product. We believe that we have the opportunity to become a viable alternative in the current financial market. Specifically, the economically depressed Latino population that throughout the region has very limited alternatives to the standard credit market.

By offering equal credit opportunities for all, we are raising the bar and promoting a more inclusive society in which no one has to hide in the shadows. We want to encourage open participation in the economy and the payment of the fair share of taxes for each person, thus promoting the multicultural enrichment of our community. Our organization seeks to serve clients with a damaged or no credit history, as well as offering services to citizens, residents and customers with a Personal Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), or other customers who may have special circumstances that prevent them from accessing loans from traditional financial institutions.

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